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Offering the public the option of dealing with the authorities online has been and remains one of the Government's main goals as it modernises public services.

It has launched a long list of initiatives, since 2004, to drive the development of the government in Spain and improve citizen care.

The main current drive behind the electronic administration are Act 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administration Procedure of Public AdministrationsAbre nueva ventana, and Act 40/2015, of 1 October, on the Legal Framework of Central Government ; which makes the right of electronically filing any administrative proceeding an universal right. These acts are made for the 21th century, and are aimed at making administrative bodies more effective and transparent, and bringing them closer to citizens. That's why, from the point of view of technologies, all the Administrations are working on implementation thereof and, for that purpose, they may count on the materials and toolsAbre nueva ventana, which are made available to them by this Ministry.

A series of shared solutions, infrastructures and services Abre nueva ventanahave been put into operation to enable the incorporation of de Government into the various Public Authorities, some of which are key elements covered by Act 11/2007 and now in acts 39 and 40/2015. Some especially representative examples are:

The spectacular progress made in the Government in Spain would not have been possible without a wide-ranging legal framework which focused above all on interoperability between the Public Authorities Abre nueva ventanaand on securityAbre nueva ventana in online systems, data, communications and services.

For further information on these issues, please check the relevant specific websites and sections.

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