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Gambling Regulation

Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego: Abre nueva ventana

Jugar bien

           Safe gambling

  The Directorate General for the Regulation of GamblingAbre nueva ventana, is the organ of the Ministry that, under the supervision of the State Secretariat for Finance exercise the functions of regulation, authorisation, supervision, control and, where necessary, sanction for gambling activities at state level.

  • The proposal of the standard to regulate gambling and the establishment of technical and function requirements necessary for gambling and, where necessary, sanction for all illegal gambling activity.
  • The process of application procedures for authorising titles for the exercises of gambling activities.
  • The authorisation for the organisation and hosting of raffles and any bet or game whose ambit of development or application exceeds the territorial limits of a specific Autonomous community/ region and charity-sports bets, whatever their territorial ambit.
  • The supervision, control, inspection and, where necessary, sanction, of all activities related with gambling.
  • The process of the administrative sanction procedures in the area of gambling relating to outlets of the National Lottery and Betting Organisation.
  • Management of Gambling Registries

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