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In this space you will find all the information you need on the State's Passive Class Pension Regimen and the Special Legislation derived from the Civil War, Aid to Victims of Violent Offences, and Pensions for Acts of Terrorism, competence for which falls to the General Board of Personnel Costs and Public PensionsAbre nueva ventana of the General Secretariat of Finance and Budgets, framed within the Secretariat of State for Finance and Budgets.

Here we will provide you with assessment on the requirements for accessing these servicesAbre nueva ventana, their general characteristics, the amount and reappraisal of the sums, as well as where and how to apply for them.

You can refer any queries or additional information you may require to the Free Passive Pensions Information Telephone Number 900 503055 .

You can also access our List of ServicesAbre nueva ventana which features our services, our service management commitments, how to submit suggestions or complaints, quality indicators...

To query information on Passive Pensions please select the corresponding section:

Also, through our e-office Abre nueva ventanayou can complete a number of formalities related with the recognition and payment of Passive Class pensions, such as: Consult and obtain certificates and reports of the pensions you receive under the Passive Class system;  lodge applications, documents and statements related with Passive Class procedures online; consult the status of your pension application or benefit and receive e-notifications and administrative statements relating to Passive Class procedures.

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