General State Budgets

Secretariat of State for Budget and Expenditure: Abre nueva ventana

The main tasks carried out by the State Secretariat for Budgets and ExpenditureAbre nueva ventana are, among others, the definition of the objectives and criteria of budgetary policies, the multi-annual planning of revenues and expenditures, and the preparation of annual budgets. Those tasks are performed by the Directorate General for BudgetsAbre nueva ventana.

This channel provides access to the contents of the General State Budgets, both those of the current fiscal year and those from previous years, as well as to the books presenting such budgets. In addition, it also offers access to EU budgets, budgetary regulations, the Economic and Financial report, budgetary statistics, specific documentation regarding working papers, databases on public economy, the magazine "Presupuesto y Gasto Público" (Budget and Public Expenditure), the stability programmes and the Budgets of the Autonomous Communities and Local Entities.

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