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​The General Directorate of Public Administration is responsible,  for the following duties (among others): promoting the basic regulations of the public administrations, the legal regime of public employment in the General State Administration, preparing and monitoring public job offers, authorising and managing administrative career processes and international relations and with other Spanish public administrations regarding public employment and with trade union organisations (social dialogue).

The legal regime of the Spanish public function is set out in various rules, based on the principles of the Constitution, and under the legislation set forth, among others, in Royal Legislative Decree 5/2015, of 30 October, by which the consolidated text of the Law on the Basic Statute of Public Employment is approved, or Law 30/1984, of 2 August, on measures for the reform of Public Administrations.

This legal regime covers the basic state regulations, access to the civil service, administrative situations of civil servants, disciplinary regime, incompatibilities, public services in the Local Administration, prevention of occupational risks, social security, rights and duties, union action and negotiation, measures to promote gender equality in public administrations, working hours, schedules and permits, compensations for service and administrative responsibility.

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