In compliance with the principles of accessibility and universal design,​ the Ministry of Finance is striving to ensure that the public as a whole, particularly those with some kind of disability and the elderly, dealing with the Department through its Internet Portal (www.hacienda.gob.esAbre nueva ventana) can access online information and services under the same conditions, regardless of their personal circumstances, resources or know-how.

This website began operating in July 2010.  The accessibility level review in effect at that time was performed (pursuant to priorities 1 and 2 of UNE Standard 139803:2004, in accordance with the provisions of Spanish Royal Decree 1494/2007, of 12 NovemberAbre nueva ventana, which approves the basic conditions for access by people with disabilities to technologies, products and services related to the information society and social communication media).

After that date, the new website content is reviewed daily or modified in order to ensure compliance with the accessibility requirements, which are currently at level A and AA of UNE 139803:2012, and, as a result, the requirements of W3C (A and AA from standard WCAG 2.0).

However, given the enormous quantity of final documents (pdf) published on the  site, it has been impossible to completely adapt them to the required accessibility guidelines. Nonetheless, we are continuously working to make this document collection fully accessible.

If you find any content at this website (page or document) that you cannot access or wish to ask a question, file a complaint or make a suggestion in relation to the accessibility thereof, you may submit it via email to

If you want to make a formal complaint or suggestion, you should opt for filing it by way of the Complaints and General Suggestions to this Ministry, as specified in Article 15 of Royal Decree 951/2005, of 29 July, regulating the general framework for the improvement of quality in the General Administration of the State.

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