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From this website you can consult the current prices for tobacco products at Tobacco and Postage Stamp Dispensaries and Points of Sale with Surcharges of the Monopoly Area. The prices documents are organised into two sections: Peninsula and Balearic Islands and Ceuta and Melilla. In each section you can find the prices for different tobacco products: cigarettes, cigars, rolling tobacco, etc. The current prices are updated via Resolutions of the Commissioner of the Tobacco Market published in the Official State Gazette, which can be consulted on this page

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Latest Resolution of Prices: 31-10-2020

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BrandDispensaryEuros/packWith surchargeEuros/pack
Brand#NO NAME American Blend Pink (30 g)DispensaryEuros/pack4.95With surchargeEuros/pack5.7
#NO NAME American Blend Pink (30 g) CM2.93.35
#NO NAME Virginia Blend Authentic (30 g)55.75
#NO NAME Virginia Blend Authentic (30 g) CM33.45
#NO NAME Virginia Blend Green (30 g)4.955.7
#NO NAME Virginia Blend Green (30 g) CM2.93.35
#NO NAME Virginia Blend Yellow (30 g)4.955.7
#NO NAME Virginia Blend Yellow (30 g) CM2.93.35
1,69 Black Edition44.15
1,69 Blue Edition44.15

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