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Public accounting and control

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The General Audit of the State Administration

Set within the State Secretariat for Tax and Budgets, it is the internal control body for the economic-financial administration of the state public sector and the management and administrative centre for public accounting.

As an internal control body, it is responsible for verifying, through prior legal and financial control, that the economic-financial activity of the public sector adapts to the principles of legality, economy, efficiency and effectiveness. As a public accounting administrative and management centre, it is responsible for providing reliable, complete, professional and independent accounting information about public administration and for setting the regulations required for this to be carried out correctly.

Information on the Portal
  • With regard to the execution of the budget and public accountingOpen in new window, information will be supplied about the monthly execution of income and expenditure budgets of the present financial year for the Government Administration and the statements, reports and documents that constitute the last approved Public Accounts, as well as the statement of condition on the processing of successive accounts.
  • From Public Sector economic reports and accountsOpen in new window, users can access statistical monthly information, in terms of cash and national accounting, on the main national economic and financial indicators, such as the deficit, cash surplus, or the financial need or capacity, and other economic and financial reports about the activity of the State and Public Administrations.
  • With regard to the actions of Public Sector internal controlOpen in new window, be it through the exercising of the inventory or financial control function, and the regulations that govern this action, statistical data is available on the audit activity and financial control carried out by the offices of the General Audit of the State Administration.
  • Finally, it has an “electronic officeOpen in new window”, which provides the information systems catalogue of the General Audit of the State Administration and State Secretariat for Tax and Budgets to the budgetary offices, State Administration management offices, autonomous state agencies, public companies, Autonomous Communities and Local Corporations, and enables programmes for sending information to the General Audit of the State Administration to be downloaded or to be used for the economic management of the administrative units.
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