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International Activity

Internationally, the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations exercises its duties in the following main fields:

Regarding taxation, Agreements are specially relevant so as to avoid double taxation (DTA), essential instruments in order to promote foreign investments since they provide investment with legal protection and reduce the taxation on said investments; also important are information exchange agreements between the tax Administrations of the States, key elements for the prevention of fraud and tax evasion, and regulations applicable to non-residents.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations has a network of Regional Finance Departments abroad which is part of the Sub-Secretariat through the General Technical Secretariat, the functions of which mainly include the provision of technical assistance and counselling and the performance of supporting tasks to the management and other bodies of the Diplomatic Mission regarding taxation and customs matters, as well as matters regarding budgets and public accounting.

Within this network we can find Regional Finance Departments as well as the offices of Regional Heads of Finance which are integrated within the Permanent Representations before international bodies Royal Decree 240/2000, of 18 FebruaryOpen in new window; Royal Decree 1771/2007, of 28 DecemberOpen in new window, Royal Decree 747/2014, of 5 SeptemberOpen in new window and Royal Decree 60/2022 of 25 JanuaryOpen in new window.

Finally, regarding the international activities of the Ministry, we must highlight its integration within different international organizations (World Customs Organization, Inter-American Centre for Tax Administrations, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Council of Europe), as well as its participation in international forums, such as the Ibero-American Land Registry Forum and the Ibero-American Forum for Public Accounting.

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