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State Vehicle Fleet

Reporting directly to the Sub-Secretary of Finance, the Directorate General for the State Vehicle Fleet is responsible for the management of the automobile services of the central bodies of the General State Administration, public bodies and other Public Law entities, linked with, or reporting to, the General State Administration, as well as those of the State Constitutional Bodies, through the provision of the following services:

  1. Representation of the senior officials of the General State Administration.
  2. Representation of Constitutional Bodies.
  3. Representation of the Head of State.
  4. Representation of the former Presidents of the Government.
  5. Representation of certain senior officials of the Supreme Court.
  6. The ordinary and general services required for the regular functioning of the State Bodies and Institutions.
  7. Those specific services of an extraordinary nature, on certain occasions, that may be demanded by the recipients of the above services, through appropriate economic remuneration.

Furthermore, after the entry into force of Law 15/2014 of 16 September, on the rationalisation of the Public Sector and other measures of administrative reform, the State Vehicle Fleet has assumed new competencies in accordance with the 10th Additional Provision of the aforementioned Law, specifically:

  1. The management of the Vehicle Registry of the State Public Sector, created by the aforementioned Law.
  2. Authorisation prior to any acquisition by purchase, renting, leasing or any other legal business relating to vehicles carried out by any Body, Entity or Institution integrated in the State Public Sector.
  3. The homologation of services with regard to the definition of the models, characteristics and types of vehicles.

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