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Libraries of the Ministry


To visit the Ministry's Central Library, please make an appointment in advance:biblioteca.central@hacienda.gob.esOpen in new window

Central Library of the Ministry

Central Library of the Treasury


The catalogue of the Ministry's Central Library contains a collection of historical texts from the Central Library and the Central Archive, as well as a collection of photographs with historical and artistic content.

Specialized in public finance, economy and law.


Address: Calle Alcalá, 9. Ground Floor. 28071 Madrid

Telephone numbers: 91 595 87 97

Fax: 91 595 83 71

E-mail: biblioteca.central@hacienda.gob.esOpen in new window


Monday to Friday: 9 am - 2:30 pm

INFORMATION LEAFLETOpen in new window (PDF aprox. 3,5 MB)


Fundamentally oriented to support the department personnel, it allows access to researchers and specialists who wish to use its premises and contents, as well as to the general public on a one-off basis.

  • Reading room service
  • Bibliographic information and support
  • Book loans (exclusively to Department staff)
  • Interlibrary loans:
    • The Interlibrary Loan Service is intended for:
      • Libraries that request the loan or reproduction of resources of the Central Library.
      • Staff of the Ministry who require resources from other libraries.
    • You may address your interlibrary loan requests to: biblioteca.central@hacienda.gob.esOpen in new window

    Reproduction of documents:

    • For research purposes and, in accordance with applicable legislation on intellectual property, users may make personal copies using the coin-operated photocopier in the Reading Room.
    • Rates: €0.10 per unit.


Other specialized libraries of the MINISTRY:

Library of the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Library of the Institute for Fiscal Studies 

Tax Law

Public Economics

Public Treasury

​ ​

Library for Economic, Legal and Social Sciences of the Public Administration and the Public Prosecutor

Library for Economic, Legal and Social Sciences of the Public Administration and the Public Prosecutor 

Constituted by the libraries of:

Centre of Legal Studies

Centre of Political and Constitutional Studies

National Institute for Public Administration

Institute of Fiscal Studies

​ ​

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