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The Publications Centre is responsible for drawing up the department's annual Editorial ProgrammeOpen in new window (PDF, 540 KB approx.) and publishes books, magazines, brochures, digital publications and e-books on the Ministry's areas of competence: e-government, public administration, customs, cadastre, administrative procurement, general economy, territorial financing and community funds, public finance, taxes and duties, public intervention and accounting, public assets, budgets, salaries and public pensions.



  • Diffusion and information of publications
    • Address: C/ Panamá, 1-1ª planta - 28071 Madrid
    • Telephone: 91 583 76 17/12/11 Fax: 91 583 76 25
  • Library of the Ministry
    • Address: C/ Alcalá, 9 - planta baja (junto a la Puerta del Sol) - 28071 Madrid
    • Telephone: 91 595 58 08
    • Timetable: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:30
    • Email: ventas.publicaciones@hacienda.gob.esOpen in new window



Catalogues of public bodies with their own editorial collection:

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