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What are the phases of the selection process and how to check the processing status

1. What are the stages of the selection process

How can I access the processing status of the selection process?

Applicants may access general information, such as announcement publications, lists of admitted and excluded candidates, examination dates, lists of persons who pass the tests, etc., via the website of the corresponding hiring body stated in the terms of the announcement, as well as via the General Access Point

The announcements of selection processes for accessing through internal promotion are also published in the Funciona intranet portal .

Additionally, for communication and incident purposes, the office of the tribunal and the telephone number and e-mail address are indicated in all announcements.

When is the list of admitted and excluded candidates published?

Once the deadline to submit applications has elapsed, there is a maximum period of one month for issuing a decision which shall be published in the BOE (Spanish Official Gazette) and on the website of the hiring body indicating:

  • The list of excluded candidates.
  • The website and the places where the full lists of admitted candidates are located.
  • The established deadline to rectify, if applicable, any errors which had caused the exclusion or omission.
  • The place, date and hour of the first test of the civil service examination.

What can I do if I am excluded, I don't appear on the list or I detect an error?

There is a period of 10 working days to rectify the error. Applicants must send a written request to the hiring body along with documents certifying the correct submission of the request, as well as any other documents accrediting the lack of grounds for exclusion or rectification of the error. Once said period has elapsed, the final list shall be published again in the same places as the previous lists.

When does the first test take place?

The resolution where the list of admitted and excluded candidates is published shall indicate the date of the first test. The date of the remaining tests shall be published in the resolution of admitted candidates from the previous test.

Where can I check the grades?

The lists of candidates who pass each test shall be published in:

  • The place or places where the test is taking place.
  • The website of the hiring body
  • The General Access Point

Are templates with the correct answers of the test questionnaires published?

The templates of the tests shall be published on the website of the hiring body.

What is the deadline for submitting the documentation once I have passed the examination??

20 working days from publication of the resolution with the final list of candidates who have passed the examination or the examination-merit stage.

How are destinations offered?

The destination offers shall be made by the hiring body and shall be addressed to the admitted candidates, and a period shall be established for applying for the positions offered.

Said destination offer may be published in the Official State Gazette and, in all cases, on the website of the organising body.

How are the positions awarded?

They shall be awarded according to the destination requested by the candidates and the total score obtained after passing the selection process, notwithstanding the possibility of alteration in this order in application of the provisions of Article 9 of Royal Decree 2271/2004, of 3 December, regulating access to public employment and provision of jobs of people with disabilities.

When are the appointments made?

Once the positions offered are granted, the appointment of civil servants or formalisation of fixed employment contract shall proceed.

The appointment of serving civil servants shall be published, in all cases, in the Official State Gazette and the term for assuming the position shall be established in same.

The website of the Ministries to which the bodies or scales of serving civil servants appointed belong may also be published. In the case of bodies and scales assigned to the State Secretariat for the Civil Service, said publication will appear on the website of the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service and the National Institute for Public Administration.

And after publication of the appointment?

Once the appointment is published or the contract executed, the candidate must assume the position awarded (or in the case of the non-established public employees, their hiring) in the term established and before the bodies indicated in said appointment and, in the case of serving civil service personnel the act of compliance with the Constitution and other elements of the Legal Order.

And if I have participated in a selection process through internal promotion?

Applicants who have participated through internal promotion may be appointed, provided that this possibility is not excluded in the announcement of the process, a position in the Ministry or Body of the General State Administration in which they were destined, remaining, where applicable, either in the position they occupy or in a budgetary granted vacancy offered by the Ministry or Body itself provided that it is located in the same municipality in which the civil servant is assigned their permanent position.

The above is subject to proposal on the part of the Ministry or Body to which the civil servant was assigned, authorisation from the State Secretariat of the Civil Service and acceptance on the part of the interested party.

Where the Ministry or Body to which the position of the civil servant is definitively assigned does not propose permanency of the offer of a preferable vacancy to same or, once this is done, it is not authorised by the State Secretariat of the Civil Service or is not accepted by the interested party, the candidate who has passed the process by internal promotion, must request the destinations offered for the group of candidates and will be awarded a place based on the requests for same and the final order of the selection process.

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