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What are the selection processes like?

Selection processes may be based on the examination process or the examination-merit process.

The examination process consists of passing competitive tests or examinations, of which there may be one or several and different types based on the body or category applied for.

In the examination-merit process there is an examination phase and a merit phase, in which the merits of the candidates are evaluated, such as their professional experience, time served in the Administration, academic qualifications, training, etc. The points from the merit phase cannot be used to pass the examinations. For internal promotions, the examination-merit phase is usually used.

What is the selective course or probationary period?

If the announcement establishes a probationary period or selective course, the proposed candidates will be appointed as public servants on probation. The remuneration to which public servants on probation shall be entitled is regulated in Royal Decree 456/1986, of 10 February.

If there is no probation period or selective course, the destinations shall be offered to the candidates who have passed the selection process, in accordance with the provisions established in the corresponding Public Employment Offer in the terms of the announcement of the selection process in question.

The selective course will be completed at an official civil service training centre and is a competitive examination.

The probation period will consist of carrying out the work and other tasks assigned in each case.

For their part, non-established public employees may have a trial period after the formalisation of their employment contract.

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