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This channel compiles information on procurement generated via the exercise of the specific powers of different units of the Department.

The State Constative Board on  Public Procurement section offers the citizen the following web-based information and general services regarding public procurement, which is the responsibility of the General Board of State Heritage:

Centralized procurement of goods and services comes under the remit of the Directorate General for Rationalisation and Centralisation of Public Procurement and the Centralized Public Procurement Board.

Information regarding announcement and the award of contracts managed by the public procurement sections of this Department, both central and peripheral, can be found on the Contractor Profile. Pursuant to Section 347.2 of the Law 9/2017, of 8 November, on Public ContractsOpen in new window, said Profile is published on the Platform for Public Sector ProcurementAbre nueva ventana.

In the section of the Central Administrative Court for Contractual Appeals, information is provided on its organization and competences and also on the resolutions issued by the Court regarding appeals and nullity matters regarding procurement:

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